Symposium 4


Chairs: Joane Matta, Silvia Ferrari

Dietary restrictions and depressive symptoms: longitudinal results from the Constances cohort
Dr. Joane Matta Inserm (UMS 011, Canada)

Interpersonal needs in social anxiety disorder patients with suicidal ideation
Dr. Rupert Conrad (Bonn University Hospital, Germany)

Biorhythms, Mood, and Pain in Real-time: Insights from the NIMH Family Study of Affective Spectrum Disorders
Dr. Emma Stapp (NIMH, USA)

Psychological treatment for insomnia. The experience of the Sleep Disorder Centre of Niguarda Hospital
Dr. Annalisa Sgoifo (Asst Gom Niguarda, Italy)

Inflammatory biomarkers as a mean to implement diagnosis and treatment of depression in subjects with recent diagnosis of HIV-positivity
Dr. Silvia Ferrari (University of Modena & Reggio Emilia, Italy)