Symposium 19


Chairs: Antonella Ciaramella, Fiammetta Cosci

Picturing disturbed body experience: A comparison of body drawings in somatoform disorder and a general population sample
Dr. Hanneke Kalisvaart (Altrecht Psychosomatic Medicine, Netherlands)

The role of the placebo effect in hypnotic analgesia in the clinical setting
Dr. Antonella Ciaramella (Psychosomatic Center, Gift Institute of Integrative Medicine, Italy)

Mental pain and euthymia as transdiagnostic clinimetric indices in migraine patients assessed via the Diagnostic Criteria for Psychosomatic Research-Revised
Dr. Fiammetta Cosci (University of Florence , Italy)

Measurement instruments for central sensitization in general practice: a Delphi procedure
Carine Den Boer (Amsterdam UMC, Netherlands)

Mental pain and pain proneness in migraine
Dr. Fiammetta Cosci (University of Florence, Italy)